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Moving to the Cayman Islands

Cayman is a top relocation choice for families with residency options available for independently wealthy individuals seeking permanent or long-term residences.

Moving to Cayman

A top relocation choice

Many people dream of moving to the Caribbean, and for those looking for the perfect work/life balance, the Cayman Islands is an appealing choice. The islands offer one of the safest places to live and work in the Caribbean, providing residents with a safe and idyllic lifestyle. As one of the world’s leading offshore centres with the highest income per capita in the Caribbean and a first-class infrastructure, Cayman is innovative with a sophisticated feel, and yet it has retained its charm and legendary Caymankind spirit.

Cayman is a top relocation choice for families, and it’s easy to understand why. The choice of residency options, the safe and stable environment, and the warm climate make the Cayman Islands ideal for those with dreams of creating a new family base. Our team can connect you with local immigration experts who can advise you on all aspects of the relocation process.

Before planning your move to Cayman, you must clearly understand the Cayman Islands immigration process. The Cayman Islands offers two options available to gain residency:

  1. A work permit
  2. A permanent residency certificate

Work Permit Holders

Every non-Caymanian who intends to work in the islands must have a temporary or full-time work permit issued by the Cayman Islands Immigration Department.

A temporary work permit is valid for three or six months. A full-time work permit is usually approved for one to three years. The maximum time you can reside in the Cayman Islands on a work permit is nine years. Once the nine-year limit has been reached, either you apply for permanent residency or you must leave the country for twelve months (known as rollover). After one year, the whole immigration process is reset and you may apply for a new job in the Cayman Islands

Your employer is responsible for submitting the work permit application to the Immigration Board and paying the necessary fees. The application must include supporting documentation to prove you possess the required level of skill, education, and experience needed for the job, a criminal record check, a medical, and a valid passport.

Villa Mare, Grand Cayman

Welcome to Villa Mare, an exquisite Grand Dame Estate residence, considered one of the finest homes in the Cayman Islands

Permanent residency in the Cayman Islands

Determining whether permanent residency in the Cayman Islands is a wise decision will depend on your personal needs and circumstances, as each option requires a considerable financial investment.

The Cayman Islands Government has several residency options available to independently wealthy individuals seeking permanent or long-term residency in the Cayman Islands.

Currently, there are four options:

  1. Certificate of direct investment
  2. Residence as a person of independent means
  3. Certificate of permanent residence for persons of independent means
  4. Residency certificate (substantial business presence)

In general, the application process for residency will take a minimum of three months. Whichever option you intend to pursue, you should instruct a qualified and experienced immigration specialist to work on your behalf.

For more detailed information, see our Becoming a Cayman Resident page