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Healthcare in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands offers a wide variety of modern medical services. With around 200 registered healthcare facilities including state of the art hospitals that provide care to local and international patients.

Cayman Healthcare

Quality healthcare in a tropical setting

The Cayman Islands offers a wide variety of modern medical services. The majority of healthcare concerns can be treated locally at the islands’ many hospitals and specialist clinics.

With around 200 registered healthcare facilities, the Cayman Islands boasts a range of general practice and specialist care options.

Grand Cayman is the territory’s health hub, with three fully-equipped hospitals – Cayman Islands Hospital, Health City Cayman Islands, and Doctors Hospital – and additional medical facilities approved for development. Pending medical projects include a new Health City medical campus near Camana Bay and a medical tourism facility, Aster Cayman Medcity, in West Bay.

The public Cayman Islands Hospital, often referred to locally as George Town Hospital for its location, provides emergency, specialist, and diagnostic services, in addition to a general practise clinic, full maternity services, and an outpatient pharmacy. The Cayman Islands Hospital campus also includes a forensic science laboratory, a dental clinic, and an eye clinic, all operated by the Health Services Authority.

Pregnant women in consultation with doctor in medical facility.

Quality healthcare in the Cayman Islands

Located in Grand Cayman’s East End, Health City Cayman Islands provides state-of-the-art tertiary care to local and international patients. The modern facility was opened in 2015 and offers a 17-bed intensive care unit, three operating theatres, and two hybrid operating theatres. Health City’s specialist services include world-renowned cardiac care, a sleep lab, and sports medicine. Health City’s new facility, under construction near Camana Bay, is expected to provide advanced oncology services and a specialist neonatal intensive care unit.

Doctors Hospital in George Town provides additional specialist, emergency, and general care services. This private hospital includes a network of renowned surgeons and doctors who specialise in a variety of fields.

In Cayman Brac, HSA’s Faith Hospital provides general medicine, emergency care, dental care, dialysis, and other vital medical services. The Little Cayman Clinic includes a treatment room and dental office.

All Cayman Islands residents are required to hold a health insurance plan. Without insurance, healthcare and prescription medications can be costly in the Cayman Islands. Most work permit holders will take out a comprehensive, private insurance plan through their employer.

Cayman is just a short flight to the United States or Jamaica, where insurers should have health facilities that fall within their networks for specialist healthcare needs not available locally.

For emergency services and urgent medical assistance, call 911.