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Boating in the Cayman Islands

Cayman is renowned for beautiful warm, blue and crystal clear water making it a boating paradise and perfect pastime. Boating offers residents time to unwind while truly partaking in the real magic of the Islands.

Exploring the islands

The lure of Cayman’s crystal waters

The glorious weather and enticing ocean are what attract many to our islands, and both create the backdrop for Cayman residents’ favourite pastime: boating.

In fact, Cayman’s historical legacy as a centre for internationally-renowned shipbuilding in the region (before its rise to fame as a premier offshore finance location) has helped the Islands develop a globally recognised shipping registry. Ship, yacht, and boat owners choose Cayman as a safe and secure place in which to register their vessels because they know they will receive first-class, professional service. It’s this professional service that sets Cayman apart from the rest, whether that is in shipping registrations, finance, or real estate.

Overhead shot of a boat and Stingrays on Stingray City, Grand Cayman.

World-famous Stingray City, Grand Cayman.

Boating in the Cayman Islands offers residents time to unwind while truly partaking in the real magic of the Islands – our magnificent clear blue warm ocean. Rum Point in the northern-most part of Grand Cayman is the archetypal Caribbean getaway location, where the palm fronds sway, and the living is easy. It is here that many boaters escape, especially at the weekend.

Arriving at a restaurant by boat is a glamorous way to travel and another appealing way to enjoy the water. Of course, sunset dinner cruises along Seven Mile Beach are the epitome of dream dining.