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Seven Mile Beach Sunset

Cayman Islands Lifestyle: Living the good life

For those looking to live a simpler, more holistic lifestyle, Cayman offers a unique combination of sophistication, year-round warm weather and more relaxed life away from today's fast-paced urban living.

The Cayman advantage

Enjoying life in the Cayman Islands

Although the Cayman Islands may be best known for its glamorous resorts, it’s also become a go-to location for those seeking to live a healthier, more holistic life.

In the last two years, we’ve all experienced world change. Priorities have shifted and changed so much of how we live. As the world increasingly feels complicated, it’s unsurprising that many smaller nations have seen growth from individuals and families looking for a safer environment and a quieter pace of life.

Our residents enjoy living in a safe community with outstanding health facilities, an impressive real estate market, investment opportunities, tax incentives, attractive residency options, and a world-class education system offering British and American curriculums.

Caymanian girl floating in a pool on a watermelon slice lilo.

Seeking happiness

If the sunshine makes you happy, you’ll find joy in the sunny Cayman Islands, where the glorious tropical weather rarely drops below 80 degrees.

Your first step on Seven Mile Beach will be an experience you will never forget. Our islands are full of natural beauty that enhances the quality of life. Miles of white sand, crystal waters, world-class diving and water sports, a fun boating culture, waterfront restaurants, and bars all over the islands mean you are never far away from the ocean.

Mind, body, and spirit

It’s official spending time outdoors is good for your health, and the Cayman Islands offers an abundance of outdoor pursuits. Sports lovers can enjoy an endless number of activities from kite-surfing, paddle boarding, yoga, pilates, spin, and fitness classes to a whole host of sports clubs for running, cycling, tennis, and squash. Cayman also holds some brilliant swim, running, and triathlon challenges each year that attracts athletes from all over the globe.

Cayman is known for culinary excellence, authentic island cuisine, and sophisticated dining experiences. Including independent cafes and restaurants with menus to fit all lifestyles and dietary requirements. From fabulous vegetarian and vegan choices to excellent juice bars, sushi restaurants, and salad bars to delight the most health-conscious among us.

Girl sitting on Cayman beach under a coconut tree.

Friendly faces

The warmth and friendliness of the Caymanian people is legendary throughout the Caribbean. The much-loved island mantra is CaymanKind, and this community spirit is very much a way of life and is just one more reason to fall in love with our beautiful Islands.

A better work-life balance

Cayman offers a unique blend of first-world infrastructure and amenities yet an opportunity to find a better work-life balance. Cayman has a thriving financial industry however, the daily grind is a little easier to manage when you have sparkling Caribbean sea views.

Living on a small island means you can say goodbye to the dreaded daily commute, as you will always be conveniently just a few minutes in the car from wherever you need to be.

We live a good life in the Cayman Islands, a great one, and you can, too.