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First-class access to the world

Travelling to our islands couldn’t be easier, with several airlines offering direct flights from major USA hubs, the UK, Canada and other Caribbean islands such as Cuba, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

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The geographical location of the Cayman Islands makes them easily accessible from major travel hubs, which, in return, means that when residents want to travel for business or pleasure, multiple destinations are just a plane ride away.

Map of non-stop flight service to the Cayman Islands

The islands are served by some of the most prominent airline companies in the world, such as American Airlines, United, Delta, Air Canada, and British Airways, along with JetBlue, WestJet, Southwest Airlines, and our very own national carrier, Cayman Airways. Anyone wishing to visit Cayman can hop on a jet from several different cities and never have to change planes until they step out into that warm Caribbean breeze.

Those who live here know that Honduras, Cuba, Jamaica, Miami, and Ft. Lauderdale are around just an hour away, which means, depending on flight schedules, that they are perfect for weekend getaways. No jet lag either, of course.

Owen Roberts International Airport, Grand Cayman

A Broadway trip to New York is not out of the question for a long weekend, nor is a quick flit to the theme parks in Tampa and nearby Orlando. Perhaps you’ll take a shopping trip to Atlanta and explore some of its amazing fine-dining spots. All are easily doable, and all are direct flights from Grand Cayman.

With more time on your hands, you can check out the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, plan a road trip through Texas, take in the sights and sounds of Chicago, or even hop across the pond to London.

Seasonal schedules often include direct flights to Denver, Boston, and Washington, D.C. More destinations are considered every year, with Cayman Airways looking at expanding its service to include the west coast of the U.S., so California or Nevada may be on the list in the future.

Even if you can’t get there direct, with airports like Miami and Atlanta acting as major hubs for American Airlines and Delta, respectively, connections are never a problem.

Commercial flights are not the only means of transport to far-flung locales. Grand Cayman has a robust private aircraft terminal, offering personalised service and all the amenities one would expect from such a facility. Tour companies also set up charter trips at certain times of the year, opening up even more options for anyone looking to indulge their sense of wanderlust.

No matter where you care to fly to, the world is at your fingertips.

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