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Views from Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman towards George Town

Why Buy Real Estate in Cayman?

Most of us never want our beach vacations to come to an end. Island time, sunny skies, crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches – what more could you ask for?

What if you could have a beach vacation that never ended? When you own a Cayman Islands property, you can have that never-ending vacation.

The Cayman Islands is a beautiful destination that offers a lot of possibilities. Whether you are familiar with this part of the Caribbean or are a complete newcomer, it is helpful to have an expert real estate company on your side when you purchase a Cayman Islands property by partnering with Cayman Islands Sotheby’s International Realty.

Cayman Islands property is an excellent investment

Cayman’s economy is resilient. As one of the world’s leading international financial centres, it attracts many banks, company management, insurance, fund administration, trust, fiduciary, and fintech companies. In addition, its real estate market experienced only slight fluctuation over the past two decades, and in 2020, when the pandemic impacted markets across the globe, the Cayman Islands performed well.

Aerial view of Cayman Kai, Cayman Islands

Aerial view of Cayman Kai, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands has a fiscally stable government and has developed an attractive tax-neutral domicile for investment where there are no restrictions on foreign ownership of property or land. In addition, investors can have confidence in a government-backed land registry system that guarantees title deeds. Investors also can purchase land, and, in most cases, there are no obligations to develop.

A Cayman Islands is tax-neutral

The Cayman Islands has no direct taxation, which means no taxes on income, property, capital gains, inheritance, or corporation tax. In addition, income earned from a rental property incurs no taxation, making Cayman real estate an excellent investment. Buyers must, however, pay a one-time stamp duty of 7.5% based on the market value or purchase price, whichever is higher. When buying land for construction purposes, buyers pay stamp duty only on the original purchase value of the raw land.

A strong infrastructure

The Cayman Islands sets itself apart from other Caribbean nations with the highest standards of living and infrastructure seen in the region. Residents have confidence in modern structures, quality education, world-class hospitals, a new international Airport, and well-maintained roads. And fibre-to-the-home internet is available throughout most of Grand Cayman to keep you connected.

A luxurious lifestyle

Nothing compares to living in the Cayman Islands. It truly is an exceptional place to call home. New developments across the island offer cutting-edge features, high-quality finishes, and outstanding amenities. Cayman offers a wide array of activities, from fine dining restaurants and duty-free shopping to wellness spas and gyms for the health-conscious, perfect beach bars to enjoy a Caribbean sunset and plenty of entertainment options.

Ocean views from Castillo Caribe in Cayman Islands

Lifestyle, luxury and location at Castillo Caribe in the Cayman Islands.

Do you dream of a luxury waterfront property, an easy-to-maintain condo, an oceanfront penthouse on Seven Mile Beach, or a canal-front family home with space to dock your boat? The real estate market in Cayman offers quality and variety that caters to every requirement. Magnificent private mansions provide a luxurious lifestyle, built with outstanding quality, exacting standards, and thoughtful designs to appeal to wealthy individuals seeking something special.

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