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Tiki-inspired beach cabana at Castillo Caribe

Castillo Caribe: The Seamless Blend of Indoor-Outdoor Living

Castillo Caribe, presented by Sotheby’s International Realty, stands as an epitome of architectural brilliance and luxurious amenities in Grand Cayman. This property perfectly combines an exquisite indoor living experience with the vast, beautiful outdoors. The central design idea behind Castillo Caribe is a seamless connection between the indoors and the outdoors. Every structural decision, material choice, and layout has been meticulously planned to ensure that residents always feel connected to the Caribbean’s beauty, irrespective of where they stand in the estate.

Panoramic Caribbean views

One of the standout features of Castillo Caribe is its uninterrupted view of the Caribbean Sea. Every space, be it a master suite or the extraordinary 5,000 sq ft, 50′ high, luxurious living space is specifically designed to offer this magnificent vista. Whether spending a leisurely day indoors or hosting an outdoor event, the view enhances every moment. Every corner of this oceanfront estate exudes elegance, making it more than just a home. Here, indoor-outdoor living isn’t just a design concept; it’s a lifestyle, offering moments where you can recline on a daybed and lose themselves in the unrivalled views of the Caribbean Sea.

Ocean views from Castillo Caribe, Cayman Islands

Ocean views from Castillo Caribe, Cayman Islands

Outdoor amenities

Castillo Caribe outdoor areas are also spectacular in every respect, providing an array of outdoor features:

Mature Gardens

The property boasts expansive gardens with mature trees and well-maintained greenery, offering a tranquil environment.

Private Beachfront

The 250 feet of untouched white sand beach ensures residents have private access to the Caribbean Sea’s calming waves.

Diverse Trees

With over 80 different trees, including guava, avocado, breadfruit, and lime, the estate offers boundless natural beauty.

Dining outside

Eat al fresco on the patio whilst listening to the sounds of gently breaking waves.

Sunsets and relaxation

Imagine the majestic sunsets and nights that begin with the sight of a moonlit Caribbean Sea. Whether you prefer lounging in a hammock on the beach, enjoying a refreshing drink in the Moroccan bar, or watching your favourite sport on a 52″ LCD TV. The estate caters to every whim and fancy.

Fun, Fitness, and Games

For those who love sports and games, Castillo Caribe is filled with activity inside and out. Whether you fancy a round of US Open Tennis, Full Swing Golf, table tennis or football, from the stunning Billiards room to Pickleball Courts, the estate is equipped to cater to all. Fitness enthusiasts can indulge in a rigorous workout session at the Precor Gym or enjoy more relaxed activities like darts and bocce. Additionally, the basement playroom is 4,000 sq ft in size and comes with a bouncy castle, swingset & slide, ball pit, seesaw, sofas and bean bags.

Castillo Caribe's billiards room and Moroccan-themed bar

Castillo Caribe’s billiards room and Moroccan-themed bar

Superior lifestyle awaits at Castillo Caribe

Castillo Caribe isn’t just a home; it’s a statement. It promises unmatched luxury, where every day holds the potential for something extraordinary. For those aiming for a blend of luxury, location and lifestyle, Castillo Caribe, presented by Sotheby’s International Realty, is the leading choice in Grand Cayman.
To schedule a showing or find out more about Castillo Caribe please contact Heather Carrigan. Previously awarded the prestigious CIREBA Agent of the Year