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Why move to Cayman?

The Cayman Islands has it all. A beautiful, safe, and welcoming environment to live and work, a world-class infrastructure, and the benefit of being located in one of the leading offshore financial centres in the world.

Less than 70,000 Cayman Islands residents hailing from all four corners of the earth are lucky enough to call these incredible islands “home”. Our lifestyle, climate, beautiful beaches, and blue waters are all enjoyed within a sophisticated infrastructure, which includes an international professional business environment populated by highly qualified personnel whose knowledge and quality of service rival onshore jurisdictions.

Views of Seven Mile Beach from Heritage Club

Safety and Location

The Cayman Islands has carved itself an enviable niche globally as one of the best places in which to live, work and play. It’s a safe and secure Caribbean British Overseas Territory that is just over an hour’s flight from mainland America.

Robust Infrastructure

In addition to excellent communication, direct travel access, world-class medical services, privileged education, world-class dining, shopping, and impressive recreational facilities, we benefit from a diverse community of vibrant and friendly people who live and work throughout the islands.

Professional Employment Opportunities

Despite being a small island nation, our country is a significant player in the fields of finance, insurance, fund management, family offices, medical tourism, an economic zone, and Caribbean hospitality.

Relocating to the Cayman Islands?

Couple walking along the white sand of Seven Mile Beach

At Cayman Islands Sotheby’s International Realty, our clients can expect concierge-level service for all types of properties. Our team of over 15 experienced award-winning real estate professionals have worked together for many years and have led the luxury property market in the Cayman Islands year after year.

Every day, more and more people discover and appreciate the quality of life the Cayman Islands have to offer. Whichever way you choose to visit, be it in holiday mode, for business, residency, investment, or via the Global Citizen Program, we would be delighted to greet you and offer you a ‘Caymankind‘ welcome!

It’s time to move to the Cayman Islands!

The latest edition of our Cayman Life magazine is filled with information and tips to help your relocation to the the Cayman Islands go smoothly. We know that moving can be stressful, so we want to make sure you have all of the information you need to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.

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    25+ years in Cayman Islands real estate

    The Cayman Islands is a unique place to own property and viewed by those fortunate enough to hold real estate here as a true Caribbean paradise and a privilege to call home.

    There is a great selection of houses and condos from which to choose, from the modest townhouse, to luxury condos on Seven Mile Beach to ultra-luxurious beach front mansions, the infrastructure in Cayman is world class and the lifestyle options are bountiful and varied.

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