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Private tutoring

There are variety of options for educational tutoring available in the Cayman Islands which cater for all ages, abilities and for those with specific learning needs. Including private schools or one-on-one tutoring.

Private tutoring is very popular in the Cayman Islands. For many parents, juggling a full-time professional career and helping their child with schoolwork is difficult. Thankfully, many tutoring centres can assist.

All tutoring centres must be registered with the Ministry of Education as part-time educational institutions; this ensures that standards of health and safety and child protection are met.

Should you wish to consider a tutor for your child, it is worth considering the following:

Schools within the Cayman Islands follow differing curriculums. Primarily, they are the British and American systems, although children who attend the Government High Schools sit CXCs (Caribbean regional examinations).
You will, therefore, wish to check that your tutor is familiar with the curriculum your child is following.
There are significant differences between the British and American education systems. It is important, particularly for older children, who will sit external examinations, to be taught by specialists familiar with their syllabus.
Many tutors specialise in working with children with learning needs. Once more, ensure that the tutor you choose has the experience and qualifications to be able to help your child.
The two largest tutoring centers, Clever Fish and High Achievement Academy, offer private and group tutoring and can arrange tutoring in the home. Many parents who homeschool their children take advantage of these services, especially as the curriculum becomes more demanding as the child gets older.