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Getaway to Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman offers diverse ways to enjoy its bounty and natural beauty. Spectacular white sand beaches, luxurious resorts, world-class cuisine and outstanding infrastructure lure people back time and time again.

It is no surprise that one of the primary industries in the Cayman Islands is tourism. Blessed with an abundance of Mother Nature’s goodwill, it’s the soft white sand beaches, gin-clear seas, year-round warm temperatures, and friendly islanders that draw visitors from near and far.

First-class restaurants and luxury hotels focused on product and service excellence have sprung up along the famous Seven Mile strip and outer districts like East End.

Often referred to as the ‘Culinary Capital of the Caribbean’, Grand Cayman is filled with more than 200 restaurants. The freshest seafood caught the same day is served on your plate in the evening at Calypso Grill, Bàcaro, and Agua. The farm-to-table ethos at Cayman Cabana, supports local farmers and fishermen to serve seasonal bounties available only within our shores. The Brasserie and Le Soleil d’Or in Cayman Brac grow their own produce for the freshest flavours. Fusion restaurants like Tukka allow diners to experience Australian and Caribbean flavours in the same meal. International dishes such as Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, or even a plate of smoked BBQ ribs can all be found in the melting pot of Cayman.

Smith Barcadere, South Sound, Grand Cayman

A variety of accommodation from five-star luxury resorts such as the iconic The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, or Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa to private villas that can easily accommodate large groups can be found across the island. Luxury self-catering accommodation can be reserved from companies like Grand Cayman Villas or Cayman Luxury Villas. A selection of smaller hotels, timeshares, and AirBnBs offer guests easy access to Seven Mile Beach.

Staying in the quieter districts of West Bay, North Side, and East End offers an entirely different island experience. Quaint and colourful homes dot the landscape with more quintessentially local bars and restaurants. Boutique options provide a more secluded and private vacation, such as The Cottages in East End, Botanica in Governor’s Harbour, Sea Orchard in West Bay, or the luxury Black Urchin Resort in Bodden Town.

Regardless of where you hang your hat, however, with the travel time of just an hour by car from one end of Grand Cayman to the other, you’ll be able to see it all if you wish.

Enjoy the beauty of Grand Cayman with outdoor experiences such as kayak excursions through the mangroves and tours that explore the natural wonders of the Crystal Caves, Mastic Trail, and even a quick trip to Hell (in West Bay). Other attractions, such as the Cayman Turtle Centre, all are respectful of the natural environment and created to highlight the islands’ wonders. The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park has an incredible collection of native and endemic plants while also preserving the endangered Blue Iguana in its unique reserve.

A friendly stingray, Stingray City, Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands is famous for its world-class scuba diving with an abundance of reefs just offshore, it takes no time by boat to get to any of the sites, and some locations around the island allow access from shore. The warm, tropical waters and clear visibility draw visitors to enjoy the underwater all year long. Snorkelling is also favourite island pastime, and you don’t have to swim far to mingle with the marine life.

Stingray City is located in the middle of North Sound, where the bottom of the sea is sandy, and the water is shallow. Here you can experience stingrays the size of dustbin lids lazily swimming around you and taking food from your hand. It’s nothing short of magical, and it isn’t just for tourists – locals go out there whenever they can, and it never gets old.

The best compliment our islands get is the high percentage of repeat visitors. Many buy properties here because they recognise how special Cayman is – natural wonders, charming residents, a robust infrastructure, and easy accessibility by plane make the Cayman Islands a hard-to-beat destination.