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Beautiful Cayman Brac

Fall in the love with the beautiful Brac. The larger Sister Islands is a nature lover’s paradise enjoy hiking and exploring the many caves of the bluff or dive under the water to experience the rich marine life.

It only takes one visit to Cayman Brac to fall in love with the larger of the Sister Islands.

Unlike its siblings, the Brac is not completely flat – it is crowned by a bluff that slowly rises along the island’s length to a peak height of 141 feet at the eastern end. This topographical feature makes the Brac unique and particularly attractive to visitors and residents looking for views of the clear blue sea from an entirely different perspective. In fact, in the past few years, land on the bluff has become particularly attractive to buyers looking to build a Caribbean home overlooking the water.

A Cayman bat in the caves on Cayman Brac

For those who live in Grand Cayman, the short 30-minute hop over to the Brac is somewhat like stepping back in time. Many homes are charming, pastel-coloured buildings one often sees depicted in paintings of the islands, with small churches dotting the landscape.

Don’t be surprised to see drivers waving from cars on quiet roads; such is the friendly greeting that many experience here. You’ll find a more relaxed pace everywhere you go, and locals are happy to chat with visitors at laidback bars and restaurants.

Hikers and explorers like to tour the many caves of the bluff, such as Peter’s Cave, Skull Cave, and Rebecca’s Cave, which are clearly marked. Some have had steps and bannisters installed for easier access.

The caves are not just fascinating to walk through; they also serve a very specific purpose for islanders who have used them as natural shelter from storms, even in modern times. You don’t need to be an experienced spelunker to go caving; a good pair of sneakers or hiking boots will be your most important accessory.

However, if you are looking for more adventure in your life, consider signing up for rock climbing with the Rock Iguana Ltd. company, which has mapped out routes on the east face of the bluff for beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers.

Sailing away, Cayman Brac


Accommodation on Cayman Brac varies from private house rentals to condominiums, hotels, and resorts. One luxury option is Le Soleil D’Or, promoted as a Caribbean Farm Inn. This extraordinary property includes the Coast House and Manor House with the Beach Club positioned on powder-white sand. Guests can also tour the 20-acre farm and elevated botanical gardens from which many of the fresh products served at the Inn are sourced.

The diving off Cayman Brac is spectacular, with one of the highlights being the MV Captain Keith Tibbetts wreck site. The water is crystal clear, and all sites are close to shore. Bring your own gear, or rent from a professional shop.

The Brac is a nature lover’s paradise. From hiking the rugged beauty of the bluff to communing with the marine life beneath the waves, there is always something new and wonderful to discover here.